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One of the key benefits CyberArk brought to us is the ability to exchange data and documents more quickly with our business partners.

Patrick Meehan
Lead Technical Architect

Ensure that all files move within and beyond the organization in the most secure manner


CyberArk's Inter-Business Vault® enables enterprises to ensure that all files moving within and beyond their organization are treated in the most secure manner.

Enterprise requirements for sharing files vary greatly. Most organizations lack a central platform for managing, controlling, and continuously monitoring file transfer processes across the entire organization.

The Inter-Business Vault supports various business needs for secure file transfer whether it’s automatic system to system file transfers or ad hoc business user file transfers. Files are secured and transferred via a secure Digital Vault where access is controlled and monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras, providing data protection while in transit and at rest.

Key Benefits:

  • Setup, control and monitor all file transfers from one location for maximum efficiency.
  • Exceed IT compliance requirements when sharing your most sensitive data across the internet.
  • Save costs by eliminating redundant file transfer platforms for various business needs and other legacy transfer methods such as couriers, leased lines, FTP servers and others.
  • Create a secure archive of files shared.
  • Provide a variety of secure file exchange interfaces to your partners and customers.
  • The Inter-Business Vault is available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud delivery model.

Inter-Business Vault® Features & Benefits