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Realizing the promise of security in a virtual environment

CyberArk’s Privileged Session Manager® for Virtualization is the most powerful solution for realizing the promise of security in a virtual environment. Enterprises are able to achieve comprehensive audit and better IT compliance by securing hypervisor administrators to reduce the magnitude of risk across the enterprise.

Due to the dynamic nature of virtualized environments, accountability and visibility into privileged session activity is critical.

With PSM for Virtualization enterprises can control and monitor the access to and the sessions of the hypervisor, creating accountability and visibility on these sensitive machines without having to install software. CyberArk's zero footprint solution means that performance of the virtual environments is not affected and deployment is fast for quick time to value.

Key Benefits:

  • Isolate and Protect Virtual Environments from Internal Threats and External Attacks: All connections must go through the PSM server avoiding direct connections to target devices.
  • Easier Audit and Compliance: Access control / granular audit on hypervisor administrator operations with built-in reports.
  • Better Visibility into Privileged Activity: By recording and controlling the sessions on the hypervisor you can rapidly investigate the root cause for critical system failures.
  • More Control over Privileged Access and Activity: Enforce approval workflows for accessing and initiating sessions on the hypervisor.

Privileged Session Manager® for Virtualization Features & Benefits